Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Name Is Kathy Voss...

...and I'm apparently blogging. For my first act, I'd like to explain my blog title: I am going to be blogging about lots of things and since I almost started crying when I tried to decide between all of the blog subjects I wanted to cover, I decided on a combo. I then realized that there were still too many things, and I ended up in the fetal position rocking in the corner. I then heard a voice calling me out from the darkness: it was saying "choose 3, choose 3" but then I realized I was in the KFC drive thru being encouraged to select my 3 side dishes to go with my family sized bucket o' chicken. Then my brother had to take the bull by the horns and decide for me, thus a blog title was born of three passions of mine: comedy, often in the form of puns, ("Punny")+ my jewelry business/jewelry making ("Rings") + opinion/editorial ("True") = Punny Rings True.

So, I hope by combining these three topics I'm not going to deter potential business customers from buying from me b/c of a horrible joke I've told, pun I've made, or opinion I've ranted about, but I guess I'm just going to have to roll those dice for the sake of comedy. Let the fun begin...


  1. Ooooh, boy... welcome to the world of blogging aka crack for writer-types who love having their own soap box :)

    Look forward to reading!


  2. Welcome Kathy. Hope you enjoy your blogging expirience