Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

So, I hated to take a break so early in my blog-life, but I had to tend to some real-life issues and let me just say that no one would have wanted to read anything I would have had to blog about over the last couple of weeks. Seriously unfunny stuff. But, I am happy to say I am ready to blog again and I hope at least one person out there missed reading my posts...

I have to discuss funniness today, more specifically, unfunniness. Even more specifically, a total lack of a sense of humor. I don't understand this phenomenon and I have decided I can't be around an overly serious person who seems to have a total lack of a sense of humor. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that some people just don't share my exact sense of humor and I can accept that, although of course I think they're crazy...but it's the seriously serious that disturb me. I mean, I think we can agree that some things are just universally funny, like the time at the Home Depot when my kids kept saying "daddy, daddy!" emphatically to a random dude in the paint aisle. He was chatting with a salesperson and as we rolled past him I said "don't you remember that beautiful night we spent together...twice?" He looked at me so puzzled and then just uncomfortably looked away. The salesperson was laughing and I thought it was pretty darn funny if I do say so myself. I only said it b/c my kids were so obviously and blatantly calling him "daddy" that it couldn't just go ignored. I couldn't just roll past without saying anything at all, so I opted for the joke-out method. As I was driving home that day I was thinking about how I hated that dude for not thinking I was funny. I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn't get it right away but when he realized what I meant on his way home he couldn't control the car b/c he was laughing so hard. Yeah, let's go with that theory.

That wasn't the case with my computer science professor from college. He was such an odd man and I was a little worried when he called me into his office one day to go over a recent paper I had written. He had made a copy and we were each holding one, and he was going over a few concepts I wasn't quite grasping (like all of it) and while he was reading he got to a part that was circled in red and he sort of stammered. I looked down and noticed that I had typed "3 1/2 inch floppy dick" instead of "disk" (hey, the "s" and the "c" are very close on the keyboard...and yes I'm that old that we were using those then-the disks that is.) Anyway, I busted out laughing completely involuntarily and I looked up expecting him to be chuckling or at least grinning, but nope, he was frowning and his brows were all angry-furrowed and whatnot. I tried to compose myself and I said "Oh my God, now come on, that's hilarious, right?" He just cleared his throat and continued all serious-like. Ugh. How boring. I mean, I know that might have been a tad bit juvenile, but the shit was funny. I'm sorry, it just was.

My point is, it's really annoying when someone doesn't find the same things funny that I do, but it's simply infuriating when you can tell that that person really just finds nothing funny. The main reason that I have hardly any "Mommy-friends" in town is b/c they are all too "mommy-mommy" serious for me and not nearly irreverent enough. I needs me some laughter, even if it's ridiculously immature every once in awhile. I met a mom at the park one day over the summer, as I so often do (parks : moms :: singles bars : singles) and we were chatting about mundane mommy crap and I was doing my best to stay focused on the topics she was discussing (very tough for me b/c usually I just. don't. care.) Anyway, she was talking about potty training (titillating!) and she said "I'm just going to go ahead and potty train my 9 month old, I remember my mom potty training me, don't you." I said "well, I do have this one memory of sitting on a potty out in the hallway and everyone standing over me cheering me on. Come to think of it though, I think that might be a college memory." She stared at me really strangely and then kind of ended the conversation with me and gathered her kids to go home. That's ok though, for me it's like weeding out the no-potential friends before I have to waste a bunch of time figuring out that she and her husband are in some religious cult that teaches that laughter is evil or something. If I can make someone uncomfortable on our first park date by making a silly & pretty benign joke, I'm pretty sure we shouldn't be swapping recipes and diaper-rash cream recommendations anyway...

So, I guess the moral of this whole thing is to just laugh at me dammit. It will make me like you much more.


  1. I think its worst when you DO get along only to find out that the person who was sharing raucous laughter with you only days ago is a total _______. (Fill in blank with homophobe, closet racist, religious nutjob, right-wing nut, etc.)


  2. Amen Phoebe! Like how I used to like you until I found out your daughter gets her daddy his beer for him.

  3. Um, I'm married to that non-laughing guy at Home Depot. Yeah, your pal and my betrothed Scott Clevenger likes to hit me w/ this line every once in a while. Megan, you're really not as funny as you think you are or yeah, that really wasn't as funny as YOU though it was. How dare he?! I'm dellightful !@$#$@ it!

  4. I know the feeling...when I come across "those people", I'm reminded of my fascination with natural selection.

  5. Kathy - I just read all of your blogs and it made me realize how much I've missed you. Your blogs are interesting, funny and remind me of why I enjoyed spending time with you and was so happy to be considered one of your friends before you moved away. :)

  6. So, I'm your funny, as well as funny-appreciating, friend, no? Hey, Sebastian told me the other day that I'm really not that funny. I was thinking, "Bitch, what?!!" but luckily I exercised some self-control (something which Sebastian has a hard time doing, according to his report card) and didn't say that out loud. But, in my head, I was totally thinking "SHUT UP, YOU KNOW I'M FUNNY!!!".

  7. For the record sister, I think that you are one of the funniest persons I know. I love your sense of humor!

  8. I don't exactly remember how I got here tonight (short term memory loss due to menopause - really) but anyway I started reading and was laughing and wishing you had time to keep writing, knowing you don't right now with all you have going on. You are so funny, so clear, organized in your writing and FUNNY! Who cares what those mommy's think. I have had a few look at me like I had 6 eyes myself and girl you don't want those people for friends even though at first it may hurt.

    I myself have days where I talk to everyone, at the bank, in line at the grocery store and thinking all the while I know they don't care BUT I do it for me because when I feel good I feel like talking and whoever is there is going to hear about it.

    Many (not all) people are boring as hell and not interested in anything fun at all. Keep away from them unless you need a straight man for one of your skits.

    Sending you some cheer Kathy,