Monday, February 15, 2010

OMG, why can't I keep on track with this blogging? After a couple of false starts, I feel like the loser boyfriend who says "I messed up baby, but it's for real this time." The holiday rush had me so crazed that there was no potential for blogging (or breathing, really) whatsoever. Justin & I decided that next year I will have to get help for my biz since it was so crazy. My brother was visiting for about a week during this time and he commented that I was "like a one woman sweatshop," and how right he was! So for now I'm going to try to stick to a couple of short posts per week and see if I can do better with that.

Anyway, it is becoming very apparent that Charlotte is my little clone and it's scaring the crap out of me. Her personality is so strong and she has a very distinct sense of humor that amazes me for a 2 year old. She does voices and imitations and she loves getting laughs (hmmmmm, sound familiar??) I love her personality at 2, but I also distinctly remember my own personality at, say, 12, 13, 14, or so and I cringe, especially because we are so much alike. The mother/daughter dynamic is usually difficult and fragile at various points anyway, but I'm sure if that mother and daughter have very similar, strong personalities it's even worse. Ugh. For now I'm just basking in her telling me jokes, such as this one, which is the same every time:

Charlotte: Knock-Knock joke (yes, she always says "joke" after "knock-knock")
Me: Who's there?
Charlotte: Daddy
Me: Daddy who?
Charlotte: Daddy Leanne* Ha Ha (yes, she always says "ha ha" after "Daddy Leanne*" and not as in she laughs, but she says "ha ha.")

*Leanne is Julian's school speech therapist and I have no idea how she made it into our family's knock-knock jokes, but she did.

She thinks she's pretty funny, and I have to agree, she really is. I took her and Julian into Justin's work today for a visit and Kris (the office manager at Justin's office) was totally amazed by Charlotte. Not to sound like too much of a bragging mom, but she actually frightens sometimes me with all that she knows. As she was labeling shapes from pictures and impressing us with "cube, pyramid, and cylinder" which are her latest shape acquisitions, we asked her to say the letters that were on a box on the floor. She walked over to it and instead of telling us all of the letters like she usually does (I'm proud to say she knows all of her letters, even goes around saying the alphabet backwards sometimes!) she turned around and grinned and said "dot com!" I looked at the box and sure enough, the company's web address was there. How. Does. She. Know. That???????? And don't worry, I was brought down off of my genius-child-having high horse very swiftly by my brother, who, after discussing with my Mom how watching Charlotte is like getting in a time machine and watching me when I was her age, he provided this sweet revelation: "well, see, just b/c she's a genius now doesn't really mean anything. I mean, you seriously were too and it's not like you did anything really great with your life." He's so cut out of my lottery winnings.

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  1. Why do I always get [mis]quoted!?!? Making me seem like some sort of monster! Perhaps I should start "me own blog"...